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The Art of Yoga


Yoga is a system for health, well being, and personal growth. It has relevance in today’s fast paced, stressful world as a way to achieve balance, and connect with your true self.

Regular Yoga contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Classes in Helensville suitable for all levels are available here at The Art of Yoga.

With regular practice you can experience the benefits of yoga.

Yoga provides a counterpoint for the fast paced world in which we live, bringing you back into the moment, bringing you back into balance.Yoga has a positive impact on your flexibility and strength, your range of motion and balance. And it makes you feel good too!

Yoga can help to alleviate insomnia, pain and back conditions.

Stress related conditions, high blood pressure,  your sense of self worth and well being respond positively to regular yoga practice.

Yogic breathing increases lung capacity, lowers blood pressure and helps to induce the relaxation response.

Meditation techniques bring you into the moment, aiding concentration, and enabling you to let go of stress and negative thinking patterns. Your creative energy increases. When you release tension, the energy used to hold the muscles or repetitive thinking patterns tightly, is released.

Yoga can enhance your sports performance, and by balancing the body- working both sides of the body and the core, working your body in an holistic way, will help prevent sports injuries.

The yoga style at The Art of Yoga balances flexibilty and strength building for the muscles, joints and ligaments with stress release and relaxation techniques, making it the perfect activity to create or enhance a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The health, well-being and stress management benefits are there for everyone to experience regardless of your age, gender, or current level of fitness.

Yoga starts just where you are.

Yoga promotes a healthy central nervous system (brain and spine), healthy endocrine system and healthy internal organs, giving you greater energy and vitality.

Through yoga you get to know your own body and mind, therefore treating problems within the body – mind at the source.

You do not need to be flexible to begin and practice yoga!

Regular practice increases your flexibility and strengthens and tones the muscles, ligaments and joints. This can ease pain and stiffness in knees, hips, shoulders and neck , reducing tension headaches and migraines over time. If you have a stressful job or lifestyle yoga may be just what you are looking for!


The Art of Yoga Helensville

Yoga Studio

  • At  The Art of Yoga we have developed a beautiful studio for you to enjoy! The studio is maintained exclusively for yoga, meditation or like- minded practices and workshops, it has a lovely calming energy for this reason.


  • Purpose built in 2008, the studio was an exciting move from previous location, allowing for students to develop their practice if they choose.


  • The studio is fully equipped- we provide yoga mats, cushions, blankets and is fully carpeted.


  • Our Studio has eco friendly heat pumps to create a warm and welcoming environment for you.


  • Located in Helensville, there is plenty of free parking out the front, with shops and cafes within an easy walking distance.


  • We have taken great care to create a calming environment, with our eco- friendly heat pumps, shower and changing facility, soft carpet to sink into our guided relaxation at the end of each class, and plenty of space to stretch out in.


  • We have utilised a previously unloved space and turned into a beautiful haven and yoga space that is conducive to both the physical, and internalising work and play, of yoga.


Yoga Teacher -Linsey Smith

I am an independent, certified Yoga Teacher. I trained initially with IYTA NZ in 2000, then with Ashram Yoga in 2001, 2005, and 2011. I hold certificates from Judith Hanson- Lasater in Therapuetic and Restorative Yoga. I am a certified Ante natal yoga instructor. I am inspired everyday by my students to teach yoga for them. I have more than 13 years of teaching experience.


My love of yoga and the study of yoga has lead me to many exciting and inspiring teachers with a rich lineage. I have attended Yoga conferences in San Francisco, trainings in both New Zealand and Australia, classes in yoga and meditation in Japan, retreats in Takaka, and workshops in Corromandel. But most of all my students, my teachers and my family inform my teaching and personal practice. It gives me strength, guidance, support and aides well being. This is where my teaching practice stems from.


Our classes are very much focused on you, they contain both static (or held) postures and/or dynamic, flowing postures with emphasis on moving with the breath.

Breathing exercises help each student to renew /balance their energy and also let go of tension that can be held in chest, abdomen and upper body. Classes finish with a deep relaxation led by Linsey, this  is often the students favourite part of the class!  Yogic relaxation helps you to let go off stress and tension on a physical, mental and emotional level, this is a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy body and mind and increasing your enjoyment of life.


Why learn yoga with Linsey? Below is a testimonial from one of our students-

“Linsey’s friendly, self-contained studio is meditative and calm and welcomes with soft lighting, colourful cushions and blankets. A qualified and dedicated teacher, Linsey brings her energy, training and presence to each class.  Her soothing voice leads us through classes, sometimes vigorous and sometimes not vigorous, but always with a surprise or two.

At the finish I am always amazed at my feelings of ease and inner peace.

For me, stepping on to my mat is cause to breathe deeply and relax.  Soon after I begin I notice my body relaxing and a feeling of letting go.  There is no high stress or high demand and I can enjoy being where I am.  The practice gives me a wonderful flow-on effect making me feel better for the rest of the day.” – Linda Unsworth

Yoga Classes


  • Our Classes are OPEN LEVEL. They are suitable for most people with a reasonalble standard of health and fitness. Options are provided to allow everyone to progress and practice safely, at their own pace.


  • If you are unsure please contact us to discuss your needs.


  • Beginners are welcome and recommended to start at the beginning of the term to gain the information and direction/ guidance they need to enjoy the classes fully. Please note we do not accept beginners after Week 3 of the Term.


  • We teach in course blocks or terms, there are four terms per year corresponding roughly with the school terms.


  • If you are pregnant or have a back condition or are recovering from illness or injury, please phone first to discuss which class would be most suitable for you.


  • Classes are progressive and holistic yoga, they incorporate techniques for the whole person and include; asana (yoga exercises), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra(gestures),mantra (sound), and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) or meditation.


  • Linsey incorporates her training in Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga into the Open Level classes.


  • If you have health needs that cannot be fully catered to in the group classes, please inquire about Private lessons.



The Art of Yoga

You will gain:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Strength and stamina
  • Deeper focus , concentration and better memory
  • Awareness of better posture and the benefits of this on the spine and whole system
  • Awareness of better breathing and how this affects vitality
  • Greater vitality over all, in a sustainable way

Casual/drop in option is available when space allows- please phone or email us first to find out if there is a space -and sign up for our newsletter below to receive regular updates on availability of classes, workshops and the latest news from the studio.

If you like the idea of learning privately, and/or receiving a programme you can practice at home, please call us about booking private lessons.

We provide all mats, blankets and cushions, just come in comfortable clothing, try not to eat for 1 -2 hours before hand.

Come to The Paua Room entrance, the studio is right next door.

Please phone 09 420 9898 or 021 230 0632 for bookings or send us an email to book, we will send you all the information you need to make payments on line or in person. Eftpos is not available. 

Once your booking and payment have been received we will send you a confirmation and more details on the classes.


Course One-Tuesday 6.30pm- 8.00pm 13th May - 1 Spaces remaining

Course Two -Thursday 7.00pm -8.30pm from 15th May - 4 spaces remaining

8 Week Term


Early Bird- must be paid by May 1st $108.00 

Early Bird Both courses- Tuesday and Thursday -$192.00

Late bird - after May 1st if space available- $120.00

From Term Two 2014 Casual rate in studio is $20 - Txt a Casual class - 021 230 0632

To BOOK please email for payment details.

Once your booking and payment have been received we will send you a confirmation and more details on the classes. Sorry we cannot hold places without payment. 

Classes are popular, especially Tuesday evenings- Please book early to avoid dissapointment!


To receive updates by email please sign up below for the newsletter!


Workshops and Mini Re-treats will be coming in 2014!

Linsey facilitates workshops and mini retreats at the studio, and offers private lessons by arrangement.

If you have a special area of interest or specific needs out side of the general classes offered in these courses please contact us for more information on booking private sessions.

These are great for an individuals or a small group of friends, family members or work colleagues.

Please sign up for our newsletter below to receive regular updates, yoga news, and info for 2014 classes and workshops!

You are welcome to join us on Facebook and Twitter

For more information on any aspect of our classes and prices please contact us

There are several workshops planned for 2014 – sign up below to receive dates, themes and booking info.

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