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Beautiful Jewellery

An eclectic range of both New Zealand designer jewellery and imported special pieces.

Our New Zealand designers specialise in hand made pieces with paua, pounamu, silver, ceramic, resin or recycled glass. These inspiring and beautiful pieces represent New Zealand, our land, our people,  our creatures, and lifestyle. When you purchase from our New Zealand range you are getting a small piece of us to take with you, wherever you go, there we are.

Wearing a piece of New Zealand made jewellery invokes memories of our beautiful country, our beautiful relaxed lifestyle, the amazing natural environment we are so lucky to have.

We stock authentic Ngai Tahu Greenstone. This is coded and authenticated by Ngai Tahu, the guardians of the pounamu/ greenstone of New Zealand, so you can be sure you are getting a truly authentic piece of Aotearoa, from it's people.

Some of our Designers include- Tania Tupu, Stone Arrow, Four Corners, Jewelarto, Jo Luping, Ngai Tahu, Jade Seas Design, Land of the long white cloud, and Jill Main.

Our imported ranges come from independant designers from around the globe, to bring you many inspiring, original pieces, using gemstones or man made stones, glass, beads and more, the jewellery range is eclectic, there are vintage to fashion to highly contemporary styles available.

Come and explore and be inspired and up lifted by our gorgeous jewellery collections!

The Paua Room - Map

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