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The Art of Service

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It's been getting warmer, today is the 1st of November and it actually does have some warmth in the air today! 

Time to really think about the summer wardrobe.

We have so many beautiful new arrivals, I'm looking forward to showing you through the range.

Here's some feedback we have had lately:

Everyday I'm hearing that our customers love to shop here for the level of SERVICE they are offered ( yes it will be offered, no you don't have to take it, we are happy to let you browse at your own time and pace.)

However, if you do accept our help you may be amazed at the result :-)

I know my stock and where items might be hiding - and yes it's a big store with a good sized range so hiding it may be!

I have 17 years experience in retailing fashion - plus I was virtually raised in the fashion environment from the age of three.

My mother owned and ran a women's fashion store for 30 years. I was running this store at age 14 during the holidays, retail and fashion are in my blood. 

I studied knitwear design at AUT in the 90's and learnt to make garments from nothing but the threads.

I worked in jewellery manufacturing before having children and have always loved art and dabbled with art and jewellery making over the years.

I also love people and women in particular, I want my customers to leave feeling HAPPY!

Happy with their purchase, the way they look in it and knowing they will receive many wonderful compliments on how they look.

These days there is a wealth of inspiration out there for sure. You can look at You Tube, Pinterest (we have a Pinterest page, please check it out)

But nothing really beats trying on garments and getting assistance from some one who you can trust. That's me by the way, or my staff :-) Trust and integrity in our business is important to us. 

It is also nice to have human interaction when shopping and not feeling like you are on a conveyor belt of customers.

Come in and see us and experience our wonderful store for yourself, as much as possible we try to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.

Here's what one of our customers has to say - " I love visiting The Paua Room. I'm able to tell Linsey what I'm looking for and she comes up with great suggestions. And, if I really am unsure about styles she comes up with some great ideas of styles that may suit me. It's nice to be able to go out wearing something that is different than what I would find at the mall. Prices are affordable and great quality. Then I can look at jewellery, shoes, bags to complement. So lucky to have this as our local store." - Janice Pickwell

Thank you Janice,

Aroha nui, 

Linsey x

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