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Spring Style - how to have it!

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Spring can be a tricky one for knowing what to wear, warm one minute, cold the next, then it's raining and likely thunderstorms are coming!

So with that in mind here are some tips for stylish Spring dressing-

* Cardigans and light jackets are a must have! Cotton and even merino cardigans are awesome for this weather that changes often, merino is a body temperature regulator and does not make you hot as some people often say - it keeps you warm when you are cold and cools you down when you heat up, this is why many high performance athletes wear merino or merino mixes for training, mountain climbers etc and people who are outdoors a lot wear it for this reason too

A light jacket is of course a necessity- a bomber style, or denim works well and we have both in store.

* A lightish rain jacket or coat - great for those unpredictable showers or rainy days when you want to get out.

* Scarves - scarves are an absolute must for Spring - look for lighter versions in cotton, cashmere, merino, and linen- handy to carry or tie to your bag as well, whip one out when the chill comes! Look to the Europeans who wear scarves all year round for inspiration. They are also such a great addition to an outfit- instantly add colour, texture or pattern to an outfit, you can keep your clothing quite simple in colour palette and use the scarf to add the WOW factor!

* Jewellery - ok may not have any effect on how you deal with the weather! But like scarves you can wear a simple outfit and add the wow factor with a stunning pair of earrings, necklace , bracelet or ring- Pick ONE main feature piece - not all of the above at once.

A chunky necklace, dangly earring, huge ring or stunning cuff- you will look instantly stylish. Eliminate or reduce the rest of your hoard on board! Unless you are a seasoned pro at the 'more is more' approach - some women do pull that off, and wearing layers of small jewellery can have the impact of a big piece, but if in doubt remember this- Coco Chanel said -" before you leave the house take a look in the mirror and take one thing off." - great advice!

* Jeans - well fitting and flattering cut- are a year round must have for your wardrobe - regardless of your age , shape or size. In Spring they are even better, wear with a light top and add the cardigan or light jacket, scarf and tidy, clean shoes, and BOOM! 

Stylish and effortless outfits done! Layers can be removed for when the sun comes out without compromising your look.

I hope this little piece helps- we have a great range of jeans by NYDJ in store now AND they come in every size, shape and colour. Come in for a fitting any time I am happy to help you find the right fit and style. 

Jewellery - we have many, many beautiful pieces to choose from - find that statement piece or a pair of every day earrings to wear with everything.

Scarves- again we have a great range - merino, linen and cotton , as well as silk and cashmere - now in store

Tops- so many awesome Spring tops to choose from!

Cardigans and jackets- beautiful selection in cotton - light rain jackets- and more!

Shopping for Spring is not boring - and the great thing is you get to use those essential pieces over and over again- these pieces also work for Autumn. And great accessories can have an eternal life in your wardrobe- they are generally less expensive than clothing items too, so a great way to refresh your look without breaking the bank. 

See you soon at The Paua Room :-)

- Great lurex cardigan by Noa Noa works over a tee with jeans for Spring! - In summer it can be worn in the evening over a dress for when the sun goes down at the beach or bbq


Simple silk scarf, pretty top and cardigan = great Spring look - 



A great fitting pair of jeans can be your best friend!


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