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Show off your Style!

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I love to see women and men showing their personal style.

Some amazing people have an innate sense of style, and for others it is learned. 

For me what makes a woman stand out style wise is a strong sense of self, an ability to look individual, as though she has no interest in following the crowd. At the same time she has a contemporary look.

I also love the wacky and wild and those who have the confidence to pull it off. These people can be inspiring and are often simply ahead of the times.

I think we can express our selves with fashion, accessories and jewellery. It doesn't say everything about us, as nothing ever could, but it's nice to see a wistful side, a playful side, a creative side or a powerful side to a person expressed in their clothing.

Yes take inspiration from fashion and trends, but there's no need to be a slave to trends especially. A nod to the latest trend or fashion is all thats really needed, maintain who you are and what suits you, wether that's a colour or a style that flatters you ( just don't forget to find new things that flatter  to avoid the time warp look )

Experiment and have fun with your wardrobe. Mixing old with new, vintage with fashion and so on, you eventually find the sweet spot of what works for you.

And if it makes you feel fabulous that's the most important thing. <3

I am here to help, to make it less time consuming, and to suggest new ideas. I am not interested in selling you something that does not suit you as I want happy customers!

What ever you do keep being YOU, no one else does it better.

See you soon @ The Paua Room x

Aroha nui


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