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Announcing our New Name!


Kia ora, 

I am really excited to announce a new name for our yoga Studio - The Art of Yoga is now Aroha Nui Yoga !

I am really excited about our name change, it feels right and aligns perfectly with what we are doing here at the studio with yoga classes, workshops and retreats. Aroha means love or compassion and Nui means abundant or large. This aligns with yoga beautifully because it's all about having love and compassion for yourself, which enables us to give to others that same love and compassion.  Aroha mai, aroha atu.

I would like to thank all the students who have been supporting the studio, some for many many years, I feel that together it is growing in the right direction, and growing in aroha, wairua and kaha. 

We are bringing new fabulous events to you every year and this year has been no exception, check out our Yoga page to see the latest events- a forthcoming evening event is being held here on December 8th with Jerome Kavanagh - this night is filled with aroha and wairua as those who came to our last one experienced. 

 Here are a couple of reviews from attendees at the last event- 

“I went to Linsey's Intuitive Flow Yoga which helped open the chakras in the body then the oro atua part of the evening where Jerome as guest explained and played various puoro was amazing, me and myself dove into the depths of the sea, so peaceful and silent, no thoughts, just being, it was cool !!!” - Trina

Nadine said this - "It was a wonderful magical night & I'm so grateful to have been part of it. I really loved the way you included taha Maori in your yoga session, & I could have listened to Jerome's stories for ever! Hearing the music lying down in the dark as Jerome moved through the room around us was a truly special way to experience it."

Here's a review from Karen who attended -

"Thank you so much Linsey and Jerome for a wonderful evening of yoga, music and culture. I enjoyed every minute and would love to do it again please! It was even better than I expected - and I expected it would be amazing!

I felt that the yoga practice was the perfect way to establish the right frame of mind (and body) to be receptive to the healing which followed.

I was captivated by Jerome’s entertaining and fascinating explanations of the stories relating to the goddesses, animals and trees - and of the traditional, handcrafted Maori instruments which represented them and their sounds.

The sound healing was an experience which almost defies explanation - you really did have to be there to understand how beautifully Jerome layered the sounds upon one another, starting from the most simple notes and building to a crescendo of unique, joyous and healing symphony . He created a dynamic, and constantly evolving soundscape around us - surrounding us completely with evocative music which told a story in our own minds, as we lay quiet and receptive to the healing vibrations which he was creating.

I entered the experience with an open mind and heart, not knowing what to expect… and was rewarded with a beautiful and emotional journey, which I can highly recommend to anyone considering it."

- Thanks Karen for your wonderful explanation of an experience that is pretty hard to put into words, you have to experience it- and I agree with an open heart and mind.

On December 8th we will again be connecting back to our ancestors and the vibrations of the Atua, connecting us to our roots and the essence of who we are- it's so exciting to be able to offer these wonderful experiences to our yoga community and wider community, thank you all for helping to make this possible <3

You can now book through the website, here . Once you have made your booking we will send you the confirmation email,

Aroha nui,


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The Art of Service

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New Togs range in store now

I am loving the new togs we have in store now, there are some gorgeous new prints, colours and designs.We have all sizes, come in and see , or contact us for free delivery on items $99.00 and over.           

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Magical yoga event coming soon!

I'm excited to be bringing you this magical event soon! We will be welcoming Jerome Kavanagh to the studio and combining our loves, yoga, traditional maori musical instruments. Oro Atua is a journey into nature and healing through vibration and music.You do not need to be a yoga expert to attend - just come with an [...]

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July Matariki Exhibition

We are very excited to announce the opening of our Matariki Exhibition!Beautiful Artworks by Ranara Leach and more Exhibition from July 4th - 25th July 2017Teo paintings from the Wahine series are on display as well as works from the Rua series, about the dissemination of knowledge and importance of Te Reo Maori.Open our usual [...]

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New Yoga Workshops coming!

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Win boots!

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