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Welcome to Aroha Nui Yoga


The Art of Yoga

ANNOUNCING OUR NEW NAME - our new name is Aroha Nui Yoga, and our new website-


- this aligns with who I am, and what I offer here at the studio.

I will continue to bring you weekly classes to keep you feeling relaxed and grounded, as well as wonderful retreats, workshops and events.

Coming soon will be online yoga with me!

Please sign up to our newsletter to find out more! Sign up below- or head over to our new website and sign up there!  

Our classes are infused with the energy and knowledge of yoga practices to help you on your journey through life, whether it be to help you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, there is something in yoga for everyone.  

Yoga is a system that encourages health, well being, and personal growth.

It has relevance in today’s fast paced, stressful world as a way to achieve balance, and connect with your true essence.

Regular Yoga contributes to a healthy lifestyle, helping to relieve stress and assist in stress related conditions, keep the spine healthy, and maintain a supple body. It enhances and maintains your range of movement.

Yoga Classes in Helensville suitable for all levels are available here at The Art of Yoga. 

With regular practice you can experience the benefits of yoga.

Yoga provides a counterpoint for the fast paced world in which we live, bringing you back into the moment, bringing you back into balance.

Yoga has a positive impact on your body's flexibility and strength, your range of motion and balance. And it makes you feel good too!

Yoga can help to alleviate insomnia, pain, and back conditions.

Stress related conditions, high blood pressure,  your sense of self worth and well being respond positively to regular yoga practice.

Yogic breathing increases lung capacity, lowers blood pressure and helps to induce the relaxation response.

Meditation techniques bring you into the moment, aiding concentration, and enabling you to let go of stress and negative thinking patterns. Your creative energy increases. When you release tension, the energy used to hold the muscles, or repetitive thinking patterns tightly, is released.

Yoga can enhance your sports performance, and by balancing the body- working both sides of the body and the core, working your body in an holistic way, will help prevent sports injuries.

The yoga style at The Art of Yoga balances flexibilty and strength building for the muscles, joints and ligaments with stress release and relaxation techniques, making it the perfect activity to create or enhance a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The health, well-being and stress management benefits are there for everyone to experience regardless of your age, gender, or current level of fitness.

Yoga starts just where you are.

Yoga promotes a healthy central nervous system (brain and spine), healthy endocrine system and healthy internal organs, giving you greater energy and vitality.

Through yoga you get to know your own body and mind, therefore treating problems within the body – mind at the source.


You do not need to be flexible to begin and practice yoga!


Regular practice increases your flexibility and strengthens and tones the muscles, ligaments and joints. This can ease pain and stiffness in knees, hips, shoulders and neck , reducing tension headaches and migraines over time. If you have a stressful job or lifestyle yoga may be just what you are looking for!


The Art of Yoga Helensville

Our Yoga Studio - Aroha Nui Yoga - 6 Commercial Road 

  • At  The Art of Yoga we have developed a beautiful studio for you to enjoy! The studio is maintained exclusively for yoga, meditation or like- minded practices, retreats and workshops, it has a lovely calming energy for this reason.


  • The studio was an exciting move from our previous location, allowing for students to develop their practice if they choose. The studio is beautifully appointed, with heat pumps, natural carpet, a kitchen, shower and several toilets, over looking the Kaipara River from our deck!


  • The studio is fully equipped- we provide yoga mats, cushions, blankets and is fully carpeted.


  • Located in Helensville, there is plenty of free parking out the front, with shops and cafes within an easy walking distance.


  • We have taken great care to create a calming environment, with our eco- friendly heat pumps, shower and changing facility, soft carpet to sink into our guided relaxation at the end of each class, and plenty of space to stretch out in.


  • We have utilised a previously unloved space and turned into a beautiful haven and yoga space that is conducive to both the physical, and internalising work and play, of yoga.


Yoga Teacher -Linsey Smith

Ko Te Arawa te Waka

Ko Ngati Whakaue te Iwi

Ko Ngongotahaha te Maunga

Ko Rotoruanui- a- Kahumatamomoe te Moana

Ko Utuhina te Awa

Ko Tamatekapua te Tanagata

Ko Au te Uri


I am a mother of four children and live and work in Helensville, Te Awaroa.

I have been teaching yoga since 2000.

My journey of yoga began more than 20 years ago, I took pregnancy yoga during my third pregnancy which immediately resonated with me, and inspired me to continue learning. My first teacher was Trish Peters. 

Trish encouraged me to become a teacher and mentored my learning, I did the Teaching Certificate with IYTA thanks to Trish, in 2000. I then continued my training with Ashram Yoga under the guidance of Swami Shantimurti and Swami Ratnamurti and am certified to the Advanced Level through Ashram Yoga in 2005. I also trained in Therapeutic and Restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater Pt, Phd in 2008 and 2012.

I have more than 17 years of experience leading classes, workshops and combining this with motherhood and running a business. I relate well to the everyday person juggling many roles. Yoga takes us into the moment, and into our true essence. For many who attend, their practice becomes a sanctuary in itself.


The experiences of running a business, raising four children, teaching and practicing yoga, and participating in training in yoga,  and currently Mirimiri and Romiromi, have lead me to develop my teaching to incorporate practices that help alleviate stress, and the negative effects stress can have on the body, mind and spirit. I feel yoga helps to create balance in life and this contributes to overall health and well being.

My style of yoga is called Intuitive Flow - it incorporates my various trainings with the needs of my students, we align our movements with the breath during practice to create a sense of One Pointed Awareness. Postures are not forced, breath and body flow together, creating a sense of harmony.

My long love of yoga and the study of yoga, have lead me to many exciting and inspiring teachers with a rich lineage, both at home in New Zealand and overseas.

In addition to certified training I have also- attended Yoga Journal conference in San Francisco attending workshops with Shiva Rea, Gary Krastfov and Dharma Mittra; attended Trainings in both New Zealand and Australia with Judith Hanson Lasater Pt, Phd, classes in yoga and meditation in NZ, Australia, Japan and the USA and a wonderful Goddess Retreat with Sally Kempton in San Jose, California.

Sally has greatly influenced me, especially with regards to meditation and working with the feminine energy which we do on our Women's retreats and workshops.

I believe in continuing my education and developing my teaching practice and am currently on a journey of discovering the healing approaches of my ancestors including mirimiri and romiromi, and rongoa- medicine from nature. 

But most of all my students, teachers, and family inform and inspire both my teaching and personal practice. That practice is focused on maintaining clarity and well being in everday life. I believe that in order to care for others we must also care for ourselves.


The style of yoga is Intuitive Flow which is Hatha based and includes vinyasa flows for well being, better breathing and focus. I also incorporate restorative yoga at times in the classes, depending on the needs of the students.

Breathing exercises/ pranayama, help each student to renew and balance their energy and also let go of tension that can be held in chest, abdomen and upper body.

Classes finish with a deep relaxation -  this  is often the students favourite part of the class! I have trained in the technique of Yoga Nidra, which helps the students to attain complete relaxation, during which time the body lets go of physical and mental tension, creates alpha brain wave patterns, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, all of which helps in the healing process and dealing with effects of chronic stress and the effects of being alive in the modern world!

Yoga Nidra - deep relaxation - helps you to let go off stress and tension on a physical, mental and emotional level, this is a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy body and mind and increasing your enjoyment of life.


“Linsey’s friendly, self-contained studio is meditative and calm and welcomes with soft lighting, colourful cushions and blankets. A qualified and dedicated teacher, Linsey brings her energy, training and presence to each class.  Her soothing voice leads us through classes, sometimes vigorous and sometimes not vigorous, but always with a surprise or two.

At the finish I am always amazed at my feelings of ease and inner peace.

For me, stepping on to my mat is cause to breathe deeply and relax.  Soon after I begin I notice my body relaxing and a feeling of letting go.  There is no high stress or high demand and I can enjoy being where I am.  The practice gives me a wonderful flow-on effect making me feel better for the rest of the day.”

– Linda Unsworth


"I just wanted to tell you I am LOVING your yoga classes.

You are a lovely empathetic teacher and I really respond to your lovely low key calm approach.

The space is just beautiful also. I appreciate the effort you have put into making the environment welcoming and peaceful.

It's the first time I have ever looked forward to any class that involves physical exercise!"

-Jo Chiswell


"I have found Yoga especially beneficial and measurable to balance my mental and physical wellbeing, as I feel lighter and more energetic.

I enjoy the benefits of a weekly class not only to keep my muscles toned and flexible, but also to have the opportunity to have a guided and deep relaxation.

Linsey is a knowledgeable, dedicated teacher who keeps the classes fun!"

-Gabriella Donaldson


Yoga Classes - Intuitive Flow Yoga with Linsey


  • Our Classes are suitable for most people with a reasonalble standard of health and fitness. Options are provided to allow everyone to progress and practice safely, at their own pace.


  • If you are unsure please contact us to discuss your needs. Please inform us of any illnesses or injuries before the class.


  • Beginners are welcome and recommended to start at the beginning of the term to gain the information and direction/ guidance they need to enjoy the classes fully. We recommend Thursday classes for beginners.


  • We teach in course blocks or terms, there are four terms per year corresponding roughly with the school terms.


  • If you are pregnant or have a back condition or are recovering from illness or injury, please phone first to discuss which class would be most suitable for you.


  • Classes are progressive and holistic yoga, they incorporate techniques for the whole person and include; asana (yoga exercises), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra(gestures),mantra (sound), and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) or meditation.


  • Linsey incorporates her training in Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga into  all classes.


  • If you have health needs that cannot be fully catered to in the group classes, please inquire about Private lessons.


  • We do not offer 'make up' classes, though there is a Casual option if you cannot commit to the term.





The Art of Yoga

You will gain:

  • Improved balance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved strength and stamina
  • Deeper focus and concentration
  • Awareness of better posture and the benefits of this on the spine and whole system
  • Awareness of better breathing and how this affects vitality
  • Awareness of mind-body connection and it's affect on your health and wellbeing
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce and manage stress
  • Greater vitality over all, in a sustainable way


We provide all mats, blankets and cushions, just come in comfortable clothing, try not to eat for 1 -2 hours before hand.


Please come to The Paua Room entrance, the studio is right next door.


Please phone 09 420 9898 for bookings or send us an email  - details on how to book are also below.


Eftpos is not available. Cash, cheque or direct credit payments only.


Once your booking and payment have been received we will send you a confirmation and more details on the classes.


PREGNANCY YOGA - please let us know if you are pregnant! - Tuesday night is not suitable during pregnancy. 


To check availability of casual/ drop in- spaces please email or call to see if there is a space, or txt 021 230 0632 before 5pm on the day of the class. Casual option is best if you cannot commit to the term, but we can not guarantee you a place.



Classes at the studio 

 Term Two 2018 dates

We have three courses available: Please note Tuesday and Thursday are 8 weeks, however Monday is 7 weeks due to Queen's Birthday on June 4th. 

Course 1. Monday 9.30am -11.00am - Beginners to Intermediate -
Starts May 7th

Drop the kids off at the school gate and get thee to yoga! Or just take some all important me time -  What a great way to start the week - all welcome, mixed levels class. Please make child care arrangements as this is your time for YOU.

Course 2. Tuesday 6.30pm -8.00pm Intermediate to advanced
Starts May 8th

Previous experience necessary, please complete at least one term in one of the other courses before entering this class. But you do not need to be a pretzel to attend! Book early as class is popular and usually books out. Not suitable for pregnancy.


Course 3. Thursday 7.00pm -8.30pm Beginners- Intermediate
Starts May 10th

Absolute beginners welcome, This is an ALL levels class, options will be given so that you can progress comfortably and safely at your own pace, more emphasis is given to restorative practices in this class, with a few challenges thrown in too! 

All Classes include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), meditation (one pointed awareness) and Yoga Nidra  (guided deep relaxation.)

If you would like to work on individual needs please enquire about our private classes or see our website for the details, private groups can also be accommodated.

8 Week Term: ends June 28th 


Early Bird - discounted price ( must be paid before April 30th ) - $108.00
(Monday $94.50)

Late Bird - $120
(Monday $105)

Casual $20 - when space is available, by arrangement only

To Book for Term four -Payments can be made into the following account- 38-9001-0348210-00

Please give your name and which course (day) as reference

Please note if you are booking more than one course per week - prices are as below-
these are Early Bird Rates paid before April 30th: 

Two classes per week ($12 per class) 

Please note sorry we do not have refunds or make up classes for missed classes
Please choose your course and state this on your enrolment.

Once paid your place is booked for the full term in your course.

Bookings are absolutely essential for all courses

We accept men and women 14 years and older in our classes. 

All classes are taught in our beautiful, comfortable self contained Yoga Studio

Please let us know if you are pregnant, or have any illness or injuries before enrolment, thank you.

Please note group classes may not be suitable for certain health conditions, please discuss this first before enrolment.  

Please contact us if you have any questions.


All Classes include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), meditation (one pointed awareness) and Yoga Nidra  (guided deep relaxation.)


-If you would like to work on individual needs please enquire about our private classes or see below- for the details, private groups can also be accommodated.



Also available for home practice-

Deep Relaxation with Linsey CD - $20 -contains two relaxations 15 minutes and 22 minutes, please contact us to order. a great addition to your home practice programme or if you need to de stress, or cannot come to the classes.

   " I have your cd on my i pod and put it on either before bed or on waking at night to get to sleep. Very relaxing and helps me to wind down. Thank you. Stops all the whizzing thoughts. Thank you linsey you have such a beautiful voice. " - Leigh Cummings



TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please read before enrolling in the classes-

- We cannot guarantee your place in the class for Casual attendance, you must contact us on the day/ night.

- Sorry, there are strictly no refunds or make up classes for missed classes, however, there is a substantial discount when you pay the term fee which gives you more than two free classes.

- The night you choose is the night you are booked into for the duration of the term, we hold your place on this night. Due to the nature of the classes and to maintain the integrity and energy of the class we can not swap you into the other class, or give your place to others.

-Classes are not transferable, please do not send someone else in your place. However, if you change your mind before the beginning of term or within the first two weeks you may be able to transfer your place to someone else, you must contact us first and it is at our discretion.

- Ealry Bird rate = $13.50 per class. 2x per week early bird = $12 per class. Casual price is $20 per class.

- Please remember there is to be NO CELL PHONES used or left on during any part of the class, if you feel uncomfortable with this for a specific reason please let me know.

- Let us know if you have a back condition, are pregnant, or recovering from illness or injury before enrolment so we can discuss your needs and which class is most suitable for you, thank you.

-Classes are suitable from 13 years of age and up, both men and women are welcome. Please make other arrangements for your children rather than bring them to class.


HOW TO BOOK: payments and deposits can be made by Direct Credit, cash or cheque. We do not accept credit cards or eftpos sorry.

Please contact me for bank account details if you wish to direct credit your fees.

Please give your full name and class option (Tuesday or Thursday) in the reference, and contact us to confirm your booking. We will give you any further info once your payment has been received.

NO EFTPOS or CREDIT CARD payments sorry!

The classes are popular and sell out quickly! Please do book early to avoid disappointment!

You can place a non-refundable deposit of $20 to hold your place and pay the remainder by the Early Bird dates as we do not hold places otherwise sorry.

Once your booking and payment have been received we will send you a confirmation email and more details on the classes as soon as possible, we need your email address to do this so please use the contact form to let us know about your booking.

For any other questions please email us.




We have events at the studio on a regular basis- please sign up to our email list to get all the news on classes and events! 



THIS EVENT WAS SOLD OUT - please join our email list for news on future Oro Atua - Intuitive Flow Yoga events








Please enquire if you are interested in Privates Classes in our studio. All mats are provided.

First class 1 person-

$108- 1 Hour

Includes - asana practice, pranayama (breathing practices) and deep relaxation or meditation to finish. 

Prepay 5 classes-     $450



2 People

$130 First Class 1 Hour

Prepay 5 classes -  $600



Corporate Group-

1 Hour - 3 - 10 people $180

Prepay 5 classes -  $870


All Classes are held in our self contained studio, we provide the venue as well as mats etc. Travel costs apply for classes outside of the studio if outside of Helensville.

Sessions are 60 minutes, please enquire for longer sessions

I work with you to acheive your goals, physical, health, well being, stress management, meditation- e.g develop a yoga + meditation practice that helps and supports you on your wellbeing journey

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a class, classes that are not given more than 2 hours notice will be charged.

I have over 17 years experience teaching yoga both to individuals and groups, I have trained extensively in both New Zealand and overseas. If you would like to know more about private lessons please contact me.



WORKSHOPS - Living Your Yoga

1. Te Kakano- The Seed 

Put together a personalised home practice for your health and wellbeing and to expand and deepen your practice. 

This workshop is a building block towards creating your own practice that nurtures you on your journey. I offer a balanced approach that incorporates every aspect of your being from the physical to the energetic aspects of practice.

Discover and discuss your needs and goals, and put it into action over the next 30 days. 


2. Te Puawai - The Blossoming

After 30 days we will come back to develop / refine your practice, we will work on additions, advanced practices and troubleshooting to ensure you have a practice for life that helps you to meet your goals. Participation in both workshops includes a 28 day kick start challenge, with support to ensure you receive the benefits of regular practice.

Spaces are limited to 12 participants

Cost $108.00

Contact us for more details or to book your place.

Coming in 2018- Date to be announced- please sign on to our email list for information on future workshops, retreats or if you would like to book me to teach in your area.



Receive regular updates, Yoga news, and info for 2018 classes, events, retreats and workshops!

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For more information on any aspect of our classes and prices please contact us by using the form below, or you can phone 09 420- 9898 during normal business hours please.


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